Mass Effect 3 Leviathan: The Aftermath

This post contains no spoilers for the Mass Effect 3 DLC, Leviathan.  It also makes no sense unless you’ve played it.  It’s kinda like a double edged sword.  Of puns.  And plot.  But not important plot.  You know what? #$%& it, I suck at metaphors. Here’s the bit:

Ashley: Shepard, what are you doing with Dr. Bryson’s experiment?
Shepard: Going a-head with the war, Ash.
Ashley: No. We’re not doing this.
Shepard: But they say two heads are better than one!
Ashley: I’m dumping you.
Shepard: Thanks for the heads up.
Ashley: Scratch that. I’m gonna kill you.
Shepard: No need to lose your head!

Meanwhile on the Lower Decks…
James: Best. Idea. Ever.
Liara: I concur.
EDI: Indeed.

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