2 thoughts on “Thinking About Children’s Week 4th Dimensionally

    1. In terms of whats what, there are 3 orphans you get to drag around. One in Azeroth, one in Outland and one in Northrend.

      At the end of the Outland and Azeroth quest chains, you get to pick one of four pets:
      Azeroth: Mr. Wiggles the Pig, Whiskers the Rat, Speedy the Turtle or Scooter the Snail.
      Outland: Egbert the Hawkstrider, Peanut the Elekk, Willy the Beholder, or Legs the Marshwalker.

      In Northrend, it’s a bit different. You have to choose at the beginning which pet you’ll get by choosing to either escort a Wolvar Pup or Oracle Hatchling. Depending on which orphan you help out, you’ll get a pet of a wolvar or gorlock.

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