Two Players, A Companion and a Flashpoint?

Boba Fett and Jawa plush dolls

As the release day approaches, and news begins to increasingly leak out the seams that keep this tight-knit madness called the Internet, I keep finding my eyes drifting to Old Republic sites to see what all the hub bub is about.  I must say that, in theory, much of what I’m seeing seems awesome.  Very awesome.  Whether it will continue to hold once the game comes out in December, well…  that remains to be seen.  However, there was bit of news that had my eyes light up with glee:

Companion characters will NOT be allowed in Warzones or Operations, however they will be allowed in Flashpoints so long as the total number of players + companions does not exceed four.

So what you’re saying is that in Flashpoints (dungeons) you can have 4 players, or 3 players and 1 companion, OR 2 players and 2 companions?  I mean, granted, a companion is not a complete substitute for a player, but the fact that it’s an option is amazing!  If I can team up with one friend, we bring our companions and we can do a flashpoint together without trying to flag down some additional PUG members – that’s a selling point right there for me!

I am terribly when it comes to talking to people I don’t know.  I have a Charisma score of at least negative three.  PUGing in WoW is such a nightmare for me that it was damn near impossible for me to just whisper someone I didn’t know in response to them looking for a DPS.  That’s probably what contributed so much to me not doing a lot of dungeons in Burning Crusade (Second would be my complete lack of self-confidence in what people keep telling me is my ‘above average’ skill in the game.) So just having the option to cut down on unnecessary stress is enough to make me squee with delight.


5 thoughts on “Two Players, A Companion and a Flashpoint?

  1. Vry, I didn’t know you were like me! I’m the same when it comes to commenting on blogs. I stalk a blog for months before I decide it’s safe to comment there, lol.

    I’m squeeing along with you! Although I admit I pre-ordered the Old Republic and then have been remiss about studying up on it. Now that it’s getting close I’d better.

    Maybe I’ll see you there, that would make four!

    1. Yup. There’s a reason I have no “Glory of the…” achievements, but I have 3 Loremasters. 😀

      I’ve been very on the fence with TOR and have been trying to not bite into the hype. However, I most certainly curious about it and have been looking into things more and more as my WoW subscription comes closer to its end date (End of November).

      So yes, you may indeed see me there!

  2. Oh this is really interesting. I had been thinking of trying this new game, but didn’t really know much about it. After reading about these companion characters I went and had a look at this feature for myself and found out this is a Bioware game. Found a video where the developers were talking about companion characters and saw immediately that there were a lot of parallels with Mass Effect – another Bioware game. I just love Mass Effect I & II, and Mass Effect uses companion characters too. For every story mission you select your team from these characters. The thing is – these characters are very real – all have their own personalities, strengths & weaknesses and you interact with them in a very real way. This is one of the things I absolutely adored about Mass Effect & it seems that Bioware are bringing this concept into their Star Wars game – and the thing is – they do it really well.

    That is a huge plus for me, and now I am definitely going give it a go. This could be a real contender – nice one! Thanks Vrykerion for bringing it to my attention. 😀

  3. I am definitely looking forward to the idea of getting to complete dungeons w/my SO and our companions, versus always having to find other friends on and in the same mindframe to run things with.

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