Presenting the Iron Man…

So after posting the rules and guidelines for the Ironman Challenge, I opened up a poll to decide what race and class I should play for this.  Declaring that I couldn’t trust myself to make it too easy or too hard, I figured my loyal and always appreciated readers should decide what I should play and what they would read about.

The poll was set to go until Saturday, but seeing as how we got 28 votes already and the Warchief Elections ran a better part of a month and only got like 110 votes, I’m gonna say this was about all we were going to get.  Especially after votes were turned into a trickle of once every4-5 hours after this afternoon’s rush of about 10 votes.  I decided to end the poll early and sent the call out on twitter (if you are upset by this and didn’t hear about, well…  maybe you should follow me on twitter. 😛 ) And after all was said and done, I am happy to present to you the reader voted on winner of the Ironman Toon poll:

He is Ironkerion (get it?) an Undead Warlock.  I’m a bit shocked that one came out on top.  I figured people would pick a hard class for me to do this with (okay, the runner up was warrior. But warlock just barely beat it.  Okay fine there’s an uproar about it, I can switch.)  So a pet class it is.  I’m actually a bit intrigued, I haven’t played a warlock since early WotLK, and that toon was mostly leveled during Burning Crusade (My first max level toon actually).  So this is semi nostalgic for me.  He’s currently level 5, dressed in the all white gear you can find off of the Deathknell cloth armor vendor, and just setting off into the great big world.

I really don’t expect much a difference from levels 5-10 anyway.  I seem to recall pre-Cata there wasn’t an abundance of green gear to be had in the 1-10 areas (heck, I remember everyone going to Ghostlands because that’s where you got the “best” 10-20 gear compared to Silverpine and the Barrens.)

In case you want to follow along or see if I’m around to say hi or anything, Ironkerion is on the horde side (duh) of the Zangarmarsh realm – US.  So all you folks in <It Came From The Blog> better say hello. 😉  He’s currently my only toon on that realm, so it’s definitely a “no financial aid” situation.  My imp is named Grobham or something like that.  It seems oddly fitting.  I too enjoy grob and ham.  Often with a side of hathuun and rice.  Expect many a joke about demon names folks.  This is what you voted for.

Speaking of votes, here is a quick breakdown of how it all turned out:

Forsaken: 7 votes.
Gnome: 5 votes.
Tauren: 4 votes.
Night Elf, Dwarf, Orc and Goblin: 2 votes.
Human, Draenei, Worgen, Blood Elf: 1 vote.
Troll: 0 votes.

Warlock: 6 votes.
Warrior: 5 votes.
Shaman: 4 votes.
Priest and Mage: 3 votes.
Druid, Paladin and Hunter: 2 votes.
Rogue: 1 vote.

I was kinda rooting for gnome myself, but what the hey, I got like 3 gnomes alts and only 1 undead alt already.  Plus I get cannibalize out of this, so there’s a perk.  I’ll keep ya posted on the progress of old Ironkerion here, and anyone you out there daring enough to try this whole thing out for yourself – Here’s the rules, and please keep me and Psynister happily updated on your progress as we do with ours. 😀


 (Like that -eth suffix? Makes it more medievally in my opinion. Which in metal terms makes it instantly like 3-4 times more bad ass.)

11 thoughts on “Presenting the Iron Man…

  1. Godsdammit – I just linked to your previous post about this! *growls*

    Anyways – I’m doing this a little differently – going for a ‘zero kills, zero quest’ approach but I’ll be fascinated to see how both you and Psynister get on (I’m going to put myself out there and say a LOT faster than I’ll level – just a hunch…)

    And warlocks are awesome! Especially if you haven’t played one for ages 🙂

    Have funsies!

    1. Zero Kills, Zero Quests is a true masterful feat indeed! I would love to hear about your progress with it. 🙂

      As for the warlock, I’m not sure how different it will be. Maybe if I could spend talent points I’d see the difference, but somehow I’m imagining: Voidwalker in, DoTs up, Shadowbolt/Wand Spam, repeat. I’m hoping I’m wrong though. It’s those kinda surprises that make it interesting. 😀

      1. I suspect you’ll be a little bit wrong, mostly from the voidwalkers lack of tanking skills when you’ve got a lack of talent points making him not suck. 😉

        But maybe the lack of power from your gear might compliment that and help the old blue berry out.

        I’m still not 100% sure what I’m going to roll for it, though I am still considering doing at least 2 characters. I might take on the Gnome Warrior for your rank 2 votes. Warrior will be hard from the crappy weapon selection from 41-70, somewhat eased by their self healing perhaps. The Gnome race offers absolutely nothing to a Warrior, though. We’ll see. 😉

      2. I was very skilled with aggro management with my Blueberry back in BC. ^_^ Took forever and mostly consisted of DoTs and Wanding, but it got me all the way to 70. Of course the lack of gear being a factor now, who knows! This will truly be a bold scientific exploration.

        I would think the lack of the gnome bringing anything to the warrior class would be more of a challenge if anything. But you are ignoring the two most powerful gnome racials that benefit all classes:

        [Awesome]: As a Gnome you command everything to be AWESOME. At least 95.3% (Repeating, of course) as awesome as you.

        [Isn’t it Adowable?]: You are gnome. You are cute. Deal with it.


  2. I had finally decided on my race/class and read your post so decided to roll her on Zangarmarsh. I know I can’t group with Ironkerion but I can wave if I see him and he’s such a handsome devil, isn’t he.

    Undead Mage, level 5, Ironmary.

  3. Hi Vrykerion,

    Maedra here.

    After reading Ironyca’s article, I thought I’d drop by and see what race/class you’ve had chosen for you and I think Undead Warlock is going to be great.

    I’d definitely recommend looking out for some low level rares early on. From my experience, the level 4-6 rares always drop 6 slot bags! I may have just been lucky, but definitely check them out. I farmed a couple of rares in Dun Morogh on Maedra and having four 6 slot bags was a great help early on.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best for this challenge. It won’t be easy, but with the steely determination that Ironkerion so clearly has (I mean look at that face!) I have no doubt you’ll do it!

    I look forward to hearing more!


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    1. I have a proper update planned for when he hits 20. 😀 He just got to 18, but he’s doing just fine. Mostly just using a voidwalker and DoTs. Managed to solo that big elite Ettin in Gilneas during the Silverpine story line by just DoTing and Health Funneling my Voidwalker. 🙂

      And thank the titans for that demon. Normal mobs are taking 10% of Ironkerion’s health off in a single hit! And those are mobs 2-3 levels lower than him!

      As I said, I’ll have a full write up at level 20. 🙂

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