Warchief Election: A New Challenger Appears

Well, I mentioned earlier this week that we had received some announcements for the new Warchief candidate that had decided to squeeze into Deathwing’s old spot (He’s still sending us emails. Nonsensical trash like “The Barrens shall burn in my wake!” or “Not even Southshore shall be spared my wrath!” and some such), but we were discussing the best way to announce it.  Well, when we got a look at the campaign ad, that issue was quickly resolved.  So here it is ladies and gentlemen, squeaking in just before debate season starts, your new fifth candidate for Warchief:

That’s right, Horde.  The Banshee Queen is on the scene.  I wasn’t kidding when I said that Basic Campfire and Thrall had better watch out, because the Queen of the Dead is packing some major support.  Until now there hadn’t been a candidate that the Forsaken had truly backed. Oh sure, some of them liked Thrall and others really enjoyed Basic Campfire’s easy to get behind platform, but all bets are off when Sylvanas Windrunner throws her hat in the ring. Even a large number of Blood Elves have decided to support Windrunner as the new warchief.

The Dark Lady is a hard candidate to follow, she’s proven her chops against both the Alliance and the Scourge, not to mention her dedication to the Horde by accepting the help of Thrall to recapture the Undercity from insurgents that she could have easily joined up with.  Her Royal Apothecary Society has created some of the most potent biological weapons ever seen, and the Alliance has seen that she doesn’t mind testing them on live subjects.

While some detractors have mentioned that using weapons like the New Plague as a deterrent could have troublesome repercussions, some do admit that it’s better than the policy of open war that Garrosh has been advocating.  The tauren have been especially out spoken against the announcement of Windrunner’s candidacy, seeing forsaken leadership as one step closer to a possible ‘Lich King’ scenario.  Lady Sylvanas dismissed such complaints, “The Lich King is dead but we are still here.  If that’s not proof enough that we’re not in league with Scourge, I don’t know what is.”

I don’t think I need to express how much of a game changer the appearance of Lady Windrunner is in this election.  With legions of voters including the forsaken, the sin’dorei, and many female voters openly expressing their support for this new candidate, we should expect even more heated debates coming this next week.  For those of you out there who wish to support Lady Sylvanas Windrunner as a candidate, her team was kind enough to do up a new button for everyone.  They’ve made some of their own changes to it:

6 thoughts on “Warchief Election: A New Challenger Appears

    1. Vrykerion

      In time such as these, I have learned to take comfort in a time tested technique of decision making.

      *Hands Tarinae a coin*


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    1. Vrykerion

      Chromie declined due to her duty as a keeper of time and the necessity to remain neutral between the factions. 😦

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