Warchief Election: Thrall’s Message of Unity

Probably the most closely watched candidate for this election is the current Warchief, Thrall.  Under his leadership, the Horde has seen a great deal of progress. While many have argued that Thrall’s achievements are pulling the Horde in the direction of compromise and surrender, no one can argue that the Horde is the strongest it’s been since the First War. Some would argue it’s even stronger, with Thrall’s initiative to push shamanism back in to the limelight and strict regulation of demon related magic.

Whoever ends up taking the mantle of the Warchief is going to be stepping into Thrall’s footsteps, so it’s no surprise everyone has been eagerly anticipating the Warchief’s own campaign ad to see how the others would measure up.  As we reported earlier, Thrall’s campaign team was testing a number of possibilities to see what would work best and now we can finally see the fruits of their labor:

It seems that the ad is almost a direct counter to Garrosh’s own ad.  Unlike Garrosh’s ad, Thrall’s features all the races of the Horde – including the recently inducted Goblins and Taunka – as opposed to Garrosh’s Orc-only poster.  Like Basic Campfire, it also delivers a simple message: ‘We Are Horde.’  A strong statement, albeit a bit high concept compared to the simple declaration of ‘Cook.’ Still a good reminder that the Horde is together in this struggle, no matter what, and we can’t afford to forget some in the process.

However that tone is also striking up some controversy amongst some.  In Thunder Bluff, many disagree with the message based on a long standing distrust of the Forsaken, “Even if the Lich King has been defeated, the undead are one bad day away from looking at us as food instead of allies.”   While this opinion is not held by the majority of the Tauren, it is a very vocal minority.  Some have even pointed out that Cairne Bloodhoof himself took issue with the Forsaken, “And now the Warchief is going to forget the potential threat under some phony campaign push for unity?”

The idea of the Forsaken as a ‘potential threat’ is also causing a fuss in the Undercity over this campaign ad: “Yes, of course, We are Horde.  That’s why the Warchief’s personal guard has this city under constant watch. Nothing says brotherhood like sending armored babysitters to watch every hall of our city.” says Cedric Stumpel, an Undercity local, “Sometimes I wonder even why the Dark Lady sits on her throne.”  Lady Windrunner declined an offer to make a statement regarding the ad.

However, the message is making a strong impression with the Blood Elves who view their inclusion in the ad as a sign of growing acceptance as members of the Horde.  The Taunka and Goblins were also pleased to be included.  Could their numbers be what turns this election in favor of Thrall?  Even their diminished populations are a daunting size that could easily secure Thrall’s future to continue his work as Warchief.

The Warchief Election is heating up! Now with only Deathwing and Richard Knaak’s campaign ads left, the voters are already drawing the battle lines! Follow all of Oddcraft’s election coverage by clicking HERE!

3 thoughts on “Warchief Election: Thrall’s Message of Unity

    1. Vrykerion

      Seriously, is it just me or have the Forsaken been getting the short end of the stick for way too long? Just compare the heavily fortified fortress of Warsong Hold to the close to defenseless Vengeance Landing and New Agamand.

      Where is the back up for the undead homies?

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