Maybe In Dwarven It Means ‘Hello’?

It's funny. I never seem to be grossed out when animal statues do this...

Location: Stonewrought Dam, Loch Modan/Wetlands

Faction: Alliance

I have to wonder some days exactly what is going through the minds of some races.  At what point did a group of dwarves layout the structure for this dam and go “You know what? I think this needs some more spitting.”  Especially when you realize this is the first sight you’re gonna see as you ride out of neutral territory and into dwarven lands – a giant stone dwarf head spitting at you.  Just from a strictly PR perspective, this is not a good idea.

I understand there are differences in how each faction interprets the other, but in my personal experience, going /spit to anyone – horde or alliance – generally is viewed as an insult or threat.  So I have to question who’s choice it was to use that as a greeting to those passing into their lands.  The dwarves have never struck me as antisocial in anyway.  Heck, they have a society structured almost entirely built around getting drunk, which I am told is a very social activity.

So why would they build something like this?  Well, the secret may lie with the Dam’s architect: Franclorn F. Forgewright – or as I call him Triple-F (Cause he has three strikes against…  wait, he’s dead.  So I guess that means he’s a turkey… because he’s fowl?  I may be mixing up my references here, I don’t watch a lot of sports). If you recognize that name, I wouldn’t be surprised.  He was the ghost that gives you the quest to get the Shadowforge Key.  That Dark Iron dwarf ghost. Ah, well, now it is coming together.

The Dark Iron are hardly what I call sociable.  Even before the War of the Three Hammers, they lived in the lowest levels of Ironforge and were not fond of their vertical neighbors.  I suppose it’s possible that in a grumpy society like the Dark Iron’s that spitting could mean something else.  It’s a long – very VERY long – shot but I’m not going to rule it out.

It could also just be a disguised F.U. to Lordaeron.  I’m not sure why that would be the case, maybe F.F.F. had some bitter grudge against them for sticking him with the bill over something and figured a giant statue spitting in their general direction would be a good way to show his gratitude. That is something I would expect from a Dark Iron.

Granted, there is another way interpret what these heads are doing that is not spitting…  but I refuse to go there.  It’s just too icky.

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