Wealth is Not Easy to Obtain

A Chest Trapped Atop the Western Sanctum
Look at it sitting there, it taunts me! I'LL KILL YOU CHEST!

Location: The Western Sanctum, Eversong Woods

Faction: Horde

I know, the title sounds like a fortune cookie.  But this is a bit of a zen riddle already.  That or some wacky practical joke courtesy of Blizzard.  If you travel to the Western Sanctum and go around behind it where the little mountain is, then look back at the Sanctum, you’ll spot a second floor to the building.  This isn’t uncommon, all these style of buildings in Blood Elf territories have second floors.  For instance, that’s where the portal from Shattrath to Quel’Danas is located.

The difference here is that while many of these buildings can access the second exterior floor, the Western Sanctum is not among them.  Again, this doesn’t sound like a big deal.  You’re probably reading this and wondering exactly what is so weird that I feel the need to explain all of these extremely obvious facts to you.  But I really want to paint the picture of exactly how weird this is.  You see, on this ledge on the second floor that you cannot reach by any means…  there is a treasure chest.  Yes, a chest spawn point is on that second floor.

Granted, it’s a low level chest in a low level area.  There’s probably nothing in it except some linen, a piece of leather and maybe a couple petals of peacebloom, but the fact remains. It is unobtainable treasure.  You can eventually get the Ashes of Alar, and you can farm and grind your way to Insane in the Membrane on every single character you make – but you will NEVER be able to get this treasure chest.  Opening this chest is the hardest thing to do in the entire game.  Chuck Norris couldn’t even get to it. (Yes, I made a Chuck Norris reference.  Is it beneath me? Ask Mankrik’s Wife. OH WAIT…)

As I said before, it’s kind of a Zen riddle.  The chest is open-able (you get the little gear icon when mouse over it), and some designer must have put it there intentionally, but it is unreachable and thus unobtainable.   So why put it there?

I always imagined that it actually held a deus ex machina that would fix all the arcane disruptions throughout Eversong Woods, as well as provide a cure to the Blood Elf magic addiction.  But dangit, you just can’t get to it.  No one can.  It’s stuck up there.  Along with a void walker sometimes.  But I’ve seen void walkers move in some pretty not-physically-possible ways, so that one doesn’t impress or confuse me as much as the chest.  I mean, from a realistic standpoint?  Why put something where even you cannot get to it again?  What needs to be THAT secure?

Wait…  maybe that’s it!  Maybe that’s what has been stuck in that chest the entire time.  Something no one, not even the people who put it up there, should have access to.  Maybe, just maybe, the Western Sanctum is the long lost resting place of…  JUMANJI!  Yes, of course!  It would explain all the weirdness going on in those Woods.  Like the arcane energy beings wandering around, or that strange flower that only grows in Eversong and no where else in the world, or why the heck there’s a dwarf ambassador that the blood elves are just letting chill out in their lands after they already had joined the Horde.  Maybe that dwarf is actually Robin Williams.  They are both short and hairy.


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