Cenarius Gonna Sue Somebody!

Location: Stonetalon Peak, Stonetalon Mountains

Faction: Neutral (Can only be seen from the sky)

I noticed this one on a fly by on the way to Ashenvale, and had to drop some additional coin to come back and confirm it (and snap a photo).  But the Cenarion Circle is apparently extremely protective of the environment.  How protective one might ask?  Well, they have copyrighted Stonetalon Peak.  You may think it’s just some old temple ruins, but no. It’s a giant copyright symbol on top of the Peak.  I’m guessing that means they have the copyright on peaks… or mountains… or Stone.. Talons?

I wonder if the Horde have to pay the Circle royalties for setting up the Sun Rock Retreat.  Venture Company however gets free reign, because there is no way a bunch of Elves are ever gonna best a goblin lawyer.

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