The Taxidermy Conspiracy

Plainstriders, Bears, and LIES! Oh My!
Plainstriders, Bears, and LIES! Oh My!

LOCATION: Farstrider Square, Silvermoon City


More fun is to be found in popping into the Hunting Lodge (That’s where the hunter trainers are, if the term Hunting Lodge is too confusing) and look at all the wonderful taxidermy animals that the blood elves had no real way of ever seeing before! That’s right, there’s a plainstrider in there. How in the world did a bunch of xenophobic elves get to the barrens to kill and stuff one and then haul it back to Quel’Thalas? There seems to be more than meets the eye to these shifty elves, and I don’t mean in the ‘Oh! Awesome! It’s Really A Robot’ kind of way.

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