I Love Illidan Followed By V*A*S*H*J…

So how exactly would you, from a role playing experience, justify doing a dungeon more than once?  How many times can you write off the dark evil as not extinguished but merely wounded.  Is it possible to explain why no matter how many times you kill a level 21 elite, he keeps coming back? I mean, at the endgame level, you can usually justify anything by simply saying, “Dude. It’s ILLIDAN! Of course he came back. Do you really think we could take down ILLIDAN?”  I’m not saying that it’s that believable, and you would be beaten to death by your fellow RP-ers by saying ‘dude,’ but it’s a little bit better than saying that a grumpy evil wizard just doesn’t want to die.

How would you do it?  I can only liken it to tuning into to the next season of a network one hour drama (No, I can’t name one. I only watch cartoons. /flex ) and finding it has suddenly turned into a sitcom.  That’s My Aku’mai.  Leave it to Van Cleef.  My Three Adds.  Where the boss busts in the door to thunderous applause from the studio audience and shoots off his trademark catch-spell, and the audience laughs.  Every week Illidan is chewing Kael’thas out for one of us wacky hijinks to get more demonic power, while Vashj burns the roast.

Now that I think about it, it makes a lot more sense to view instances like that.  They weren’t getting the ratings they wanted at the black temple to they switched target audiences by dropping the attunement, Illidan almost instantly jumped the shark and here comes the spin off, The Sunwell.  That would make the old world instances the same as TV Land, a fond sense of nostalgia but not quite as edgy or challenging as the new stuff, although the new stuff is simply re-using all the plot lines that we’ve seen a thousand times already from the TV Land, Pre-TBC stuff.

My god, I think I’ve stumbled upon the key to figuring out all of WoW…

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