Protect Internet Piracy!

Yarrr, me maties! Today be the day that those reality-lovers out there in meat space be trying to cut down on our Cheese given right to plunder and pillage the cyber seas to our hearts content.  Truly, these government dogs have allied with the Neo-Queen’s Navy to sink our days of plenty with their evil creation!  And what else could defeat a smelly, greasy, dirty pirate quite like that foulest of the devil’s creations… SOAP!  This SOAP would threaten our free movies, our ill gotten cracked games and worst of all, my hearties, they may even go for teh PR0N!

Join me my pirate brothers and sisters! And hoist the jolly roger! Stop these scallywags who want to sail into our cyber-sea – OUR DOMAIN – and try to take our booty! (and our pirated goods!)

Okay, okay, okay.  I always said I would never get into politics on this blog. So I’ll just say this.  I am a libertarian at heart. I generally abide by the idea that if someone says ‘There should be a law’ there probably shouldn’t be. So this entire SOPA/PIPA thing?  It can go rot in the Styigan Abyss for all its worth.  It’s stupid, unnecessary and ill defined. Some of the worst possible qualities any law can have.  But, if I was going to post something about SOPA on here today. I was going to do with a joke.  Download me hearties, YO HO!