Flags Are Serious Business

Location: Warsong Gulch, The Barrens and Ashenvale (Respectively)

Faction: Neutral

I’m not going to even touch on the fact that the whole point of this “strategic” battle is to grab the other sides flag. We all know that it is ridiculous and requires a magnanimous leap of willing disbelief. So, no need to talk about it. But how about the fact that this big dispute between two warring factions that each have not one, but MULTIPLE armies at their disposal are settling their differences with a volunteer force playing a 10-on-10 match?

I have met blades many times with both the Sentinels and the Outriders outside of those battlegrounds, and I would not describe them as needing additional help. So why get a group of ten rag tag adventurers to do the dirty work for you? Well, I suppose it is economical. Why waste your own forces in a senseless battle when a bunch of punk kids would do it for “honor” and a piece of wood that can be traded for something later on. I can see the reason in it all. But even if I can reason why you would take ten random people and put them into a fight, what are they fighting for? This is claimed to be a strategic point of conflict. What is so strategic about it? Arathi Basin is a hub of powerful resources, Alterac Valley is a stretch a land that’s control would ensure a staging ground for overwhelming control of the remaining territories in Lordaeron, The Eye of the Storm is a point of controlling territories in a hazard area (Similar to the towers of the Eastern Plaguelands). But what does Warsong Gulch offer?

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