Shorts Week

A sudden heatwave in early December? Alas, no.

So my plans for NaNoStream-o were a complete bust. It didn’t help that I spent about half the month face down with a case of Covid, and then the second half dealing with a depression episode. But hey that’s life. That also means I’m out of Final Fantasy footage to put together for these Friday posts, but I wanted to put together SOMETHING, so here’s a collection of Shorts that have been uploaded to the channel – but never posted here!

Most of these are just weird moments that I found myself laughing at from gaming on some means other than my streaming PC – usually my Xbox or Playstation. However, since I can export those clips, I dragged them over into the editing bay and had some fun with them. And by editing bay I mean my editing PC, and by editing PC I mean streaming PC, and by streaming PC I mean my PC… I only have one PC.

No One Ever Does (Cyberpunk 2077)

How can I resist that line? That delivery by the always charming and slightly weird Keanu Reeves? Have I ever mentioned the strange similarities between Christopher Walken and Keanu? Like… they both give very weird performances that we are utterly fascinated with.

Sleepless in Del Sol (The Sims 4: Get Famous)

The amount of laughter I got out of this weird little bug bordered on the ludicrous. Essentially it boiled down to the fact that whenever the Sim went to bed, they skipped the sleeping bit and went straight to the waking up – but it’s the sleeping part that updates the Energy stat. So poor Howard Boltechi (HoBo for short) was stuck going to auditions with no energy. I assume he’d probably pass out at some point, but we never got that far and the save file got lost in a computer crash. Luckily, I had the full video backed up on Vault-kerion.

Teen Trouble with Kratos & The Head (God of War: Ragnarok)

I was surprised when I started playing God of War Ragnarok only to find that the game didn’t have a dark and fearful tone but rather one of a frickin’ family sitcom. It even has laugh breaks! So I did my part and added the canned laughter back in for Santa Monica Studios. They can thank me later. Maybe with a life-size Mimir statue or something.

Non-Sequitur Thy Name is AI The Somnium Files

You wanna play a weird game? How about a sci-fi murder mystery with polar bears, song & dance numbers, and grade schoolers with the power to take down armies of disposable goons? AI: The Somnium Files is a very, VERY weird game and I still quote it and its sequel constantly, but what else can you expect from the same people who gave us Danganronpa?

Carlos Was Not Kept in the Loop (Zero Time Dilemma)

Speaking of Spike Chunsoft, do you know what’s weirder than a Spike Chunsoft game? The third game in a Spike Chunsoft trilogy. Zero Time Dilemma is the third chapter of the Zero Escape trilogy that began with 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward. It’s a game about psychic powers, time travel, and an insane Saw-like game used to manipulate events to either cause or stop the end of the world. However, in the third game, when you have characters from across the trilogy united along with a few new faces – it can be easy to forget that not EVERYONE is on the same page vis-a-vis your weirdo psychic timeline-hopping superpowers.

Tullius Needs Glasses (Skyrim)

Hey you! You’re finally awake, huh? You were trying to avoid playing Skyrim. Well, don’t worry. Todd will make sure you do. Since Skyrim now runs on almost as many devices as DOOM (Now also coincidentally owned by Bethesda), there won’t be escaping it. Still, over ten years of this game and we still find ways it surprises us. Like in this clip, where I discovered that the General of the Imperial Army has no idea what a blade is.

Gotta Be Careful (Yakuza: Like a Dragon)

You know what’s more hax than a gun in a martial arts battle? Try a grenade.

Negotiations Have Broken Down (Fallout New Vegas)

Honestly, the worst part of this was I couldn’t take his entire inventory nor did it advance the quest in any way. I really should finish my evil playthrough of New Vegas one of these days. Especially now that I’ve modded the game a bunch to improve the quality of life and visuals. I should just finish playing New Vegas in general. I’ve never beaten that one.

And Finally, Some Final Fantasy Shorts…

Well, it IS Final Fantasy Friday I suppose. Might as well end this with a few from our recent playthrough of Final Fantasy V, including my new vTuber avatar of a little adorable lopporit from Final Fantasy IV & XIV.

Thanks for sticking around folks! I promise I’ll get some streaming done soon and we’ll continue the Final Fantasy Retrospective.

Where to Find All the Skyrim Anniversary Creation Club Content

While people are eagerly running around Endwalker, grabbing quests, and having adventures, it reminds me of another big open RPG that had a big update lately. That’s right, Skyrim Anniversary Edition dropped about a month back and I’ve been having a ball getting back into the game and exploring all the new additions that the Anniversary upgrade brings. Namely, about 75 Creation Club additions have been delivered into the game (making it well worth the $20 upgrade in my opinion). But even if you are familiar with the world of Tamriel and the province of Skyrim, you might have a tricky time finding all the things you just bought. They’re hidden behind quests or stashed in random spots. So I figured I’d compile a little list of where to find all of them – mostly for myself but I figured I’d share it with all of you!


Content NameStart Location
BittercupReading ‘Mysterious Altar’ at Dead Man’s Drink, Falkreath
Forgotten SeasonsFind the Runoff Caverns (West of Lost Valley Redoubt)
Ghosts of the TribunalRead dossier in the Temple in Raven Rock.
Goblins!Read Letter to Clexius in The Bee and Barb, Riften
Plague of the DeadDelivered by Courier at level 5.
The ContestRead Adonato Letelli’s Journal in Candlehearth Hall, Windhelm
The CauseDelivered by Courier at level 46.
Saints & SeducersTalk to traveling khajit merchant, Ri’saad.


Content NameStart Location
Bloodchill ManorDelivered by Courier at level 12.
Dead Man’s DreadRead The Restless in Winking Skeever, Solitude.
FarmingInvestigate Goldenhills Plantation, East of Rorikstead.
Gallows HallRead the journal inside the fort on the North shore of Mara’s Eye Pond.
HendhraheimDelivered by Courier at level 10.
MyrwatchRead journal near corpse at the tower East of Morthal.
NchuanthumzRead Seeks-Ancient-Artifact’s Journal vol 1 in Frozen Hearth, Winterhold.
Shadowfoot SanctumPurchased for 7500 gold in Ragged Flagon, Riften.
Tundra HomesteadPurchased for 7500 gold in Dragonsreach, Whiterun.


Content NameStart Location
Arcane AccessoriesPurchased or added to random loot.
Arcane ArcherPurchased or added to random loot.
Arms of ChaosRead Hyenni’s Journal in Skytemple Ruin, North of Winterhold
Bow of ShadowsTalk to the Jarl’s Steward in Dragonsreach, Whiterun
ChrysamereFound in Forelfost, South-East of Riften
Dawnfang/DuskfangFollow the ghost in the Riften Ratway
Elite CrossbowRead Kragrash’s Letter at Ironback Hideout, North-West of Solitude.
Expanded CrossbowsPurchased or Crafted.
Fearsome FistsPurchased, added to random loot or Crafted.
GoldbrandFind Eranya in Scallum of Boethiah, East of Windhelm.
Headman’s CleaverAsk an innkeeper about rumors.
Necromancer GrimoirePurchased or added to random loot.
Ruin’s EdgeFound in Stony Creek Cave, South-East of Windhelm.
ShadowrendClaim weapon in the hot springs near the Atronach stone.
Staff of HasedokiRead Smugglers Trade Notes at Bandit Camp, West of Whiterun
Staff of SheogorathRead Mysterious Note in Retching Netch, Raven Rock
StavesPurchased or added to random loot.
Stendarr’s HammerStolen from the Dwemer Museum, Markarth
Sunder & WraithguardRead Lost Caravan Guard’s Note in New Gnisis Cornerclub, Windhelm
UmbraRead Vigilant’s Report in Champions Rest, North-North-East of Riften


Content NameStarting Location
Adventurer’s BackpackCrafted or added to random loot.
Civil War Champion ArmorsRead Battle of Champions at Drunken Huntsman, Whiterun
Daedric MailAsk an innkeeper about rumors to get Missing Merchant flyer.
Daedric PlateRead Death of a Crimson Dirk in Dragonreach Dungeon, Whiterun
Divine CrusaderFound in Four Skull Lookout, East-North-East of Markarth
Dragonplate ArmorAsk an Innkeeper about rumors to get the Bounty for Crowstooth
Dragonscale ArmorRead Crimson Dirks vol 4 in Candlehearth Hall, Windhelm
Dwarven MailRead the Arena Fan’s Note on a corpse on a hill South-East of Ivarstead
Dwarven PlateRead Looter’s Note on the bar in the Silver Blood Inn, Markarth
Ebony PlateDelivered by Courier at level 32.
Elven HunterRead Guard Dossier: Aesrael in Falkreath Barracks.
The Grey Cowl Returns!Confront the thief in the Riften Graveyard
Horse ArmorTalk to Hosteler at any stable
Iron PlateRead Nightgate Inn Patron’s Note in Nightgate Inn
Leather ScoutRead the dossier at Cliffside Retreat.
Lord’s MailRead Letter to General Tulius at Castle Dour, Solitude.
Netch LeatherRead Peddler’s Journal on body found North-North-West of Skaal Village
Nordic JewelryRead Certificate of Authority after finding or buying nordic jewelry
Orcish PlateRead the dossier in Whiterun Guard Barracks
Orcish ScaleRead the dossier on 2nd floor of Riften Guard Barracks
Redguard Elite ArmamentsTalk to Azadi in Shor’s Stone, North of Riften
Silver ArmorRead Msharra’s Diary in Bannered Mare, Whiterun.
Stalhrim FurRead Skjol’s Journal at a Camp South-West of Skaal Village
Steel SoldierRead Suicide at Dragon Bridge at Four Shields Tavern, Dragon Bridge
Spell KnightRead Crypt of the Heart – Draft in the Silverblood Inn, Markarth
Vigil EnforcerRead Letter to Keeper Carcette in Hall of the Vigilant, South of Dawnstar


Content NameStarting Location
Bone Wolf PetDelivered by Courier after completing The Wolf Queen Awakened
Camping KitCrafted
Dwarven Armored Crab PetPurchased from Calcemo in Markarth
FishingStarts from Fishing Supplies or Riften Fishery
Nix-Hound PetPurchased in Retching Netch Corner Club, Raven Rock
Pets of SkyrimRead For Sale in Bannered Mare, Whiterun
Rare CuriosItems added to Khajit merchant caravans
Saturalia Holiday PackObtained from Agrane Perual, West of Dawnstar
SurvivalActivate after Prologue or via the menu
Wild HorsesRead Soran’s Journal at Arcanaeum, College of Winterhold

Mourning a Fallen Friend

I was going to write about the SW:TOR slicing nerf. Actually, the post is already done. But I decided to hold off a day or two to post it because A) I wanted the inital net rage to die down a bit and B) I’ve posted a lot of SWTOR related stuff recently.  So today I’m going to tell you about a close friend of mine that recently passed.  She was brave, attentive and helpful.  She was always at my side, until one day she was taken from me.  Her name was Lydia, and she served me when I became the Thane of Whiterun.

Oh what? You thought I wasn’t going for some kind of joke? What blog have you been reading? Honestly, it was indeed a shocking moment in the game.  I didn’t even know that she could die.  Every time she got beaten up she had always simply fallen over and moment after the battle ended, she stood right back up again and ran up to my side, ready to go off on our next adventure.

But lo, did the day come that I faced off against some crazy wizard elf dude in the college at Winterhold.  There was a flash of light and it knocked poor Lydia to the stone floor.  I leaped into the battle with my wizard staff and daedric blade in hand.  Through my mastery of both sorcery and blade, the foul elf was struck down, and I turned to Lydia with a grin. “Get up, time to go!” I exclaimed at my monitor. But Lydia did not move.

I waited.  I waited for five minutes.  I exited the area and returned. Hoping that Lydia would be there as she always had been.  But no, her lifeless and lootable body lay on the stone.  My heart sank.  No, not my character’s.  Mine.  It’s rare that I form bonds with random NPCs in games.  Oh sure, when they’re big characters in a very narrative driven plot I tend to grow fond of some of them.  The companions in SW:TOR, the main characters of Kingdom Hearts, even various cartoon characters are very near and dear to me.  Seems silly, especially from a grown man, but that’s the way it is.  But I don’t think I can ever say that I felt that way in a big sandbox game like the Elder Scrolls or Fallout before. So when Lydia didn’t stand up, I was sad. Honestly sad.  It was weird to feel bad for a lump of polygons and pixels, but I did.  I saved, quit the game, and didn’t play it again for a while after that.

Oh, if I took an arrow to the knee I could just become a guard. But an arrow to the heart? Well, that’s a bit harder to come back from.  This post is for you, Lydia I’m-Not-Sure-If-You-Have-A-Last-Name.

(P.S. If you can’t tell, I’m really enjoying Skyrim.)