Wealth is Not Easy to Obtain

A Chest Trapped Atop the Western Sanctum
Look at it sitting there, it taunts me! I'LL KILL YOU CHEST!

Location: The Western Sanctum, Eversong Woods

Faction: Horde

I know, the title sounds like a fortune cookie.  But this is a bit of a zen riddle already.  That or some wacky practical joke courtesy of Blizzard.  If you travel to the Western Sanctum and go around behind it where the little mountain is, then look back at the Sanctum, you’ll spot a second floor to the building.  This isn’t uncommon, all these style of buildings in Blood Elf territories have second floors.  For instance, that’s where the portal from Shattrath to Quel’Danas is located.

The difference here is that while many of these buildings can access the second exterior floor, the Western Sanctum is not among them.  Again, this doesn’t sound like a big deal.  You’re probably reading this and wondering exactly what is so weird that I feel the need to explain all of these extremely obvious facts to you.  But I really want to paint the picture of exactly how weird this is.  You see, on this ledge on the second floor that you cannot reach by any means…  there is a treasure chest.  Yes, a chest spawn point is on that second floor.

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