So there’s been a bit of a hub bub about Star Wars: The Old Republic’s newest companion, Treek.  While a lot of the talk is mostly about how Treek is acquired (requiring 1 million credits AND a Level 40 legacy or just shelling out 2100 Cartel Coins with no legacy requirement at all) I personally find the companion to be worth the trouble and/or money.  Why you ask?  Is it because for a measly 700 CC I can unlock Treek on all my characters? No.  Is it because Treek is the first companion that can switch between tank and healing modes? Nuh-uh.

Treek is the best companion ever because Treek is an Ewok.


It’s like the universal answer to any question involving Treek. “Why will I be getting Treek?”  EWOK.


“Why should YOU get Treek?” EWOK.


“How much does Treek cost?” EWOK! DOES IT MATTER?! EEEEWOK! DID I STUTTER?


“Pfft. Ewoks are stupid.”

Treek? Eat them.


(Never forget that the ewoks were getting ready to cook Luke, Han and Chewie before C3PO got all god on them.  Do not #$%& with the ewoks. Yub yub, mutha #$%&a)