Bunny Ethics: Noblegarden & DEHTA

Just in time for Noblegarden, I present you with DEHTA’s newest ad campaign:

You would think it’d be enough for me to mock DEHTA about their shortcomings with Noblegarden last year, but I’ve had them slated for a good mocking for this item in particular for some time.  I used to actually wear them around so I could claim that anything I did was ethical – including slaughtering herds of wandering rhinos for their deliciously juicy meats.

Have a Happy Noblegarden everyone!

Shut Yer Clam, It’s Harder Than It Looks

Image Courtesy of WoWwiki.
The spear is actually just his backscratcher. (image courtesy of WoWwiki, cause it was better than mine)

Location: Abandoned Reach, Borean Tundra

Faction: Neutral

There’s a lot I could say here about DEHTA.  And I probably will do a whole rant about them one of these days.  But they have some of the best opponents in all of Northrend.  In light of the scourge marching on the doorsteps of both the Alliance and the Horde, many of which consists of Nerubians (Insert appropriate “we don’t save the icky animals” joke here), DEHTA has chosen the true evil of Northrend.  The awkwardly named hunters!

Granted, if you were named Ned the Rhino Hunter, I probably wouldn’t give you any flack.  Yes, you have a funny name – But you hunt rhinos.  I don’t even want to think about what you could do to me.  The same could be said about hunting Mammoths, heck I’ll even give you taking down caribou is more bad ass than what I can usually muster.  But what can you say about a gnome whose specialty is hunting down…  Clams?  Yes folks, today we will be investigating the oddest of Harold Lane’s insidious crew of nasty animal killers: Clam Master K.

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