Lost in Translation

Judging from the definition of BUR, Westfall LOVES me.
Judging from the definition of BUR, Westfall LOVES me.

Location: The Filthy Animal, Dalaran, Crystalsong Forest

Faction: Horde

While I’m sure that Horde/Alliance relations haven’t exactly been strong in the past, some of these rough translations of the Alliance used ‘Common’ tongue seem to be a bit off.  The only one that is actually accurate (to a point of astonishment) is the translation for “What Can I Do Fer Ye?”

This actually holds an amazing bit of wisdom that only the Goblins seem to have had the mind to cash in on.  Which is the only thing to break through three wars of bitter hatred between these two factions is the desire to get completely hammered and party hearty with any form of alcoholic beverage they can get there hands on.  Brewfest, as Blizzard pointed out in their own trailer for the event, is the only thing to get these two warring factions to lay down arms against each other.

Beer truly is the source and solution to all of life’s problems…