Don’t Make Star Wars Look Like Star Wars

One of the most common complaints I see every single time a new video or pics come out for Star Wars the Old Republic it’s that nothing in the game “looks” or “feels” like Star Wars.  People demanding that everything adhere to lore, despite the fact that Star Wars lore is such a complete cluster-@#$% that pretty much anything flies there.  Don’t believe me? Look up Marvel’s old Star Wars comic with the giant green bunny.  Generally, when people say they want something to “look” like Star Wars they mean the movies – more specifically the Original Trilogy only.  However, it seems like a bad idea to me.  Why?  Because you’ll end up with this:

Yea. Operation after operation to get what amounts to roughly the same outfit over and over with varying shades of brown or black.  That sounds like raid gear I can get behind.  But what about on the Sith side?  Surely the Dark Lords with a fashion sense would have a wider array of ‘traditional’ Star Wars looks:

Well… uh…  At least black goes with everything? Okay, that’s a bit cruel of me.  Surely there are plenty of outfits in Star Wars lore to draw inspiration from.  Like Darth Maul which has a black tunic under the giant black cloak. That’s a bit different.  Oh and for the ladies, there’s always Darth Talon’s “ensemble”:

Yea. That’s gonna be a big crowd pleaser.  No one’s gonna complain about that lore-inspired get up at all.  Just make sure it’s classified as “heavy armor” to maintain the MMO Armor B.S. quota.

Honestly, you might not like the armor that Bioware adds to the game. But it’s a hell of lot better in my opinion than the same outfits over and over for the sake of staying true to a movie series that – once you include the B, C, D and E canon of the Expanded Universe – makes up a very small portion of the overall design aesthetic of the franchise.  Just remember, if you want SW:TOR to be more like the movies, you’re are just BEGGING for Gungans to show up.  Do you want that, Internet? Gunguns in TOR?  Yea. Thought not.