What is FateStone?

FateStone is a role playing computer game created using RPG Maker MV.  The game is designed and made by August “Vrykerion” Sexton, and is being released in phases with each adding another section of the game and more additional content.  The game is a blend of story driven RPG mixed with various sandbox elements and non-linear exploration.  As you progress, you’ll be able to craft weapons and armor, recruit powerful companions, and unlock additional classes.  The final game has no set release date as the project is mostly a free time labor of love.  As this is a simple free time labor of love, FateStone will be free to download to anyone who wishes to play it.  There are no plans to sell this game, although donations may be added later.

Features of FateStone

  • Switch between 20 unique classes, each with their own abilities and strengths.
  • Seek out and recruit up to a dozen companions each with their own class specializations to assemble the perfect team to save the world.
  • Forge your own strength with multiple tiers of craftable armor and weapons. Track down powerful reagents to forge enchanted items or simply brew powerful potions and elixirs. Seek out the lost Legendary items and complete their quests to temper them into awaken them into all powerful weapons and armor.
  • A vast open world with non-linear questing.  Explore massive dungeons, complete quests, and build relationships.
  • Choices that affect anything from a character’s appearance to the fate of the world.
  • Build a home. Expand it into a fortress. Recruit vendors, earn trophies, and find companions to make your own personal home base come alive.

The Story of FateStone

Let me tell you a story…

Long ago, before the Astral beings known as Celestials became the care takers of the world, people worshiped a force known as Fate.  Fate could supposedly change reality for her followers whims, predict the future, and make dreams come true.  This was accomplished through a powerful artifact known as the FateStone.  However, as time went on, a black shroud grew over the world.  Creatures of another force known only as Chaos would appear and bring ruination to the land.  People begged and pleaded with Fate to stop the creatures of Chaos but Fate did not.  So the people rose up in anger and shattered the FateStone and forever severing the connection Fate had with the world.

Time went on and the people found faith in the Astral Light and its Celestials.  Others turned to the darkness in the Chaos and found freedom there.  The world moved on from Fate and forgot about it.  But the Chaos still grows, the Celestials unable to do much more than barely hold the door shut.  As the lands teeter on the edge of oblivion, what they need now more than ever is a hero to inspire them and fight back against the Chaos.  You are that Hero.  You possess the power to save them.  But you also have the power to destroy them.  Will you wield the Astral Light?  Will you embrace the Chaos within and give into power?  Will you seek out another solution?  The choice is yours in FateStone.

‘FateStone: Phase I’ will include:

  • The first 4 ‘basic’ classes: Adventurer, Warrior, Thief, and Mage. Each capped at Level 10 for the moment.
  • A Hero Appears: the prologue chapter of the main story quest.
  • The starter city of ‘Thronehold’ which includes shops, quests, crafting stations, and a multi-floored dungeon.
  • Up to 5 different companions with other classes such as Bard or Knight that can be recruited after discovering their respective recruitment quests.
  • Tier 1 Crafting will be available allowing players to gather materials from the dungeon and build their own items.



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